Wednesday, August 18, 2010



How can I be a vegan on a tight budget?

my fellow vegan friend Meggie Woodfield gave me some good tips already. One of those tips was to eat a lot more beans, lentils, rice, and potatoes since those foods are cheap and filling.

What tips do you have?

Cuz I ain't gots me a lots of cash, man.


  1. And remember the good, cheap eat-out staples. We eat at Rice King a ton and get veggie burritos from Diegos. Super cheap.
    I'm really into using a slow cooker to make super cheap, super good and super easy dinners. Like curried lentils or veg stew or garlic potatoes.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Gheybin!

    I have never had a veggie burrito from Diego's, but now I really, really, really want one. It might become my new favorite thing.

  3. Everything seems to be in order here.

    Luke and I have had a couple vegan meals this week- all relatively cheap, easy, and quite good- let me know if you're interested in the recipes:

    - Black bean soup with coconut milk and cilantro
    - Asian lettuce wraps with tofu
    - Monastery lentils

    One cheap way to eat well that we've discovered (we're always broke, too), is to shop at the Asian store. I don't know how the one in Orem compares, but up here we can get things for half the price a lot of the time. It's especially good for tofu, a wide variety of mushrooms, and specialty vegetables/herbs.