Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lunch Box Longings

This girl has been vegan for one week and two days. Nine full days of no dairy. And you know what? It has not been that difficult. I worry that my xxxtreme bu$yness this semester will make veganism a bit more of a challenge. I anticipate spending most of my waking hours at the school, and the school is a place of few vegan options (which we can all hopefully change someday soon). A vegan girl (and guy) can only eat so many salad bar spinach leaves and Clif Bars purchased from Scoops before things start getting pretty bland (which is kind of a lie, though-- I can't get enough of spinach and Banana Nut Bread Clif Bars, but I suppose it's good to switch things up a bit, right?). In order to save money, I try to sometimes pack my own lunches. But all I ever end up packing are boring sandwiches that end up soggy. What are some delicious and delightful (and quick and easy, of course) meals I can bring from home to school?


  1. i wish i knew. usually leftovers. but i usually have tatertots and cereal w/ soymilk. stupid cafeteria only having shit carnivore food. it really pisses me off, pretty much every day.

  2. WELL. Being Vegan and spending 8+ hours a day on campus is a hassle. Dont bother with their food, its junk. Even though they are installing a jamba juice in the PE building. but if you wait for that to be up you will probably starve to death.

    I freeze alot of stuff. Like diced onions, peppers, mushrooms and seitan in little 1 serving packages. Then if you need to cook in a jiffy you can just grab the packages and throw them on the stove.

    Every time I cook, I cook bulk. Usually on the weekends I will stock up like I will make a huge vat of brown rice and stick in in the fridge, I will make a pan of lasagna and put it in serving tupperwares. You can freeze that kind of stuff too. Freeze tupperwares with soups and lasagna in it then just nuke it when you want to eat it at school and it doesnt go bad for hours cuz its frozen!

    But Rice is really a lifesaver. seriously, throw zuccini, yellow squash and egglplant on the stove for a few mins with your seasonings of choice (italian or mexican) in water then when the water evaporates throw the rice in to flavor it and mix it all up. Then put it in a tupperware. so good.

    Spaghetti is pretty good too. lots of ww noodles with sauce (you can get vegan spag sauce from sunflower) in little tupperwares will last you a week. Try putting veggies in there too! Broccoli is a favorite.

    I bring 2-3 pcs of fresh fruit and a v8 every day.

    You can make your own fruit/veggies smoothies and bring them in a water bottle. try OJ with a bananna and two handfulls of spinach. yum. and talk about the iron and calcium.

    Last thing: invest in 'snack baggies'
    Go to the health food store in the bulk section and get bags of banana chips, 'energee chunks' and those little sesame seed sticks (one of the kinds they have is vegan) or even crackers. fills little baggies and have them around so you can grab a few on the way out the door.