Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today I ate a giant steak wrapped in raw bacon. I washed it down with a glass of gravy. Am I joking? Read on to find out.

Yesterday I made some vegan banana bread. I didn't want to go to the store to buy some of the ingredients that some of the better sounding recipes called for, so I just used a really basic recipe. I was certain the bread was going to be pretty goshdamn dry, but it actually didn't turn out too bad. I think I will make a vegan pineapple upside down cake next. OR just buy the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies at Smith's WHICH ARE VEGAN. Thank you, Smith's, for accidentally providing vegans with a delicious treat.

So for those of you who are vegan or have been vegan at some point in your life, I have a question-- How has your body reacted to being vegan? Do you have more energy? Can you digest food easier? Have you lost weight? I guess that was more than one question... So sue me. Really. Hire a lawyer, take me to court, put me in jail, and then bring me a vegan pineapple upside down cake while I am sitting in my cell. I will love you forever if you do.

Oh. And I guess I was joking about my steak and bacon meal, but NOT about my glass of gravy. Okay, so I was joking about that, too... UNFORTUNATELY.


  1. i lost weight at first. but i've been eating nothing but candy for the past month, so i'm surprised i haven't gained weight.
    this month i really plan on doing super-clean eating, and i won't be surprised if i lose weight again.

    i do feel MUCH better. it used to be the case that after every meal i felt like i wanted to die, no matter how little i ate. now, not so much. if something i eat accidentally has dairy in it, i feel it right away, but i'm really sensitive to it.

  2. i don't have much experience with veganism. my only experience with it is having dated a vegan boy for like 4 months in 2006. and all i have to say about that experience was that he had really weird farts. like, vegan farts. it was unsettling and off-putting. but i am now considering following your example & going completely vegan. mostly because my body has turned on me & refuses to digest most of the crap i eat these days. anyway. i am a bit frightened, but if the lovely meg & errin julk-ped can do it, i am a little less afraid. so, like, i may be coming to you ladies for vegan advice in the future. if you have any to give, i would be most appreciative.

  3. alright meg. fine. Ill comment.
    but not because I want to
    only cuz you told me to

    ok i really wanted to...

    I for sure have more energy now that I am vegan. I feel like I am running on clean fuel and my body rarely is tired or aches. It feels clean inside :)

    As far as digestions goes, maybe I feel clean inside because my bowel movements are so regular. how nice.

    and I have not lost weight thanks to soydream icecream. But I find it easier to maintain my same weight whether working out or not.

    Overall, I really like being vegan. no gross milk chocolaty after tastes. no being inconsistent in my love of animals. Its made me be more creative with my food and pay attention to my nutrition.