Tuesday, September 1, 2009

digestion woes

It's been awhile. Don't get me wrong-- veganism is going strong, it's just the blogging part where I am weak. But I am back and ready to dive into quite the embarrassing subject... Digestion.

I don't know if it's because of my new diet or just some bug that's going around, but lately I have felt pretty bloated and, well, uhhh... gassy. Uh oh.

I have always had digestion issues, so if veganism is going to make my digestion an even bigger pain, then I will definitely have a decision to make: save the animals or save my stomach.

Any tips? Will my tum tum (um, I mean CRAP FACTORY) start feeling better once I start getting used to my "trendy" diet?

In the meantime, I will be here poppin' Pepto and sippin' licorice tea.


  1. When I became vegan it took awhile to get used the digestion issues... but your body should eventually get used to it. As did mine :)

  2. Vegans poop like ducks! And we fart a lot too! Embrace it. We are stinky hippies!

  3. Gassy? yeah. its normal. Raw veggies can be worse as far as gas go than beans. Beano helps some people, but its never really helped me...

    As far as bowel movements....it takes a little while (possibly up to like a month) to get rid of all the crap you had in your digestive system. But you will have more regular movements (3x daily) than you did before :)