Tuesday, May 3, 2011

kill two birds with one stone

I am on Day 2 of Vegan's Daily Companion (which I talked about in my last post). I will write more about Day 1's advice/tip later... Maybe on Day 3 or 4 or 27? I will get around to it, I promise.

Anyway, today focused on spreading nonviolent language. For example, the expression "to kill two birds with one stone" can be changed a bit to become less violent. The author's example was "to cut two carrots with one knife." Nice. Okay. If one has a personal fear of carrots and/or some agenda against carrots, this would be a perfect expression to use. And although I love carrots and eat them most days, I would still use this expression in a heartbeat. Here are some other ways to say "to kill two birds with one stone" without promoting violence toward animals:

*"to blend two slabs of silken tofu with one blender"
*"to order two chimichangas from one Mountain West Burrito"
*"to saute two types of kale with one frying pan"
*"to bake two flaxseed banana bread loaves in one oven"
*"to drink two glasses of organic green sludge in one morning"
*"to make two satisfying bowel movements in one afternoon (thanks to the green sludge)"

So there you have it. Feel free to use any of these nonviolent (for the most part) expressions. Do you have any nonviolent expressions of your own?


  1. This is an interesting project. I'm a big ole geek for language and the symbols it transmits. I'm careful not to use racist or patriarchal language for that reason. I hadn't given much thought to the language of violence (not sure why). I will have to give some thought to the ways we can apply this in our family. I sense my kids will really like the bowel movement sub the best. :)

  2. Cool. I was writing a persuasive essay on the environment, so I needed a phrase like "kill two birds with one stone" to use, except I didn't want it to be about hurting something in the environment. (Carrots aren't as bad as birds!) :D